Why not use Linux instead ?

Linux is a superior platform comparable to Microsoft in many ways. File Servers don't necessarily need to be Microsoft.

If you require server capabilities but just don't have the budget for the brand name Microsoft Server, why not consider the LINUX ALTERNATIVE?

You wont be Disappointed

Linux CentOs and other Linux based operating systems are GNU /GPL (general Public License). This implies that the software itself is free as opposed to Microsoft Server Licensing which is not.

The only costs incurred by the user are hardware , engineering and maintenance costs. Technology Help Centre Provide a pricing structure that will cover all costs involved when you request a proposal for a Linux System/platform.

Linux also runs older hardware and does not require the high end processing speeds and copious amounts of RAM that its rival Microsoft Small Business Server needs to process.

Linux derivatives are less prone to viruses or spyware and the most basic Linux platform will run on as little as a Pentium 2 with 256 mb ram .  Unbelievable but very true.

Why not go Linux all the way and have a 3Desktop/workstation?

With Linux you don't purchase any software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook etc. Open Office icomes free and is  completely compatible with Microsoft Office software files. Yes it is free and you only need a low end PC to run everything you ever needed.

Obviously if you require gaming then naturally this specification needs to be reviewed slightly but for normal office use a Pentium 4 256mb RAM will run perfectly unlike windows vista that needs 2GB ram and a duel core CPU and a 256 mb video card.

- Less Costly

- More Reliable and stable

- Less likely to be virus infected

- Less maintenance Required

Linux platforms on average require less rebooting and maintenance there are very few software updates to run and this is why many larger government organisations are making the switch.

So why not give Linux a try call the number below if you are interested